Quick How To Speed up Win XP

October 8, 2006 at 1:58 pm | Posted in Windows | Leave a comment

Increase Virtual memory/Paging File

Also ensure your paging file is at least double your RAM. In windows do the following:

Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Computer Management

Right Click Computer Management Icon at the top
Advanced Tab
Performance Settings button
Virtual Memory Change button
Change the Initial Size of the paging file (make sure Max size is more than initial).

Hit Ok. Ok. Ok. Restart.

This will increase your virtual memory on the machine, which can speed things up a bit at times.

Get rid of un-necessary effects
1. Right click on your desktop, change XP theme to use Windows Classic
2. Go to the Appearance tab; Effects Button
3. Make sure these are unchecked:
Use the following transistion effect for menus and tooltips
Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts
show shaddows under menus
Show window contents while dragging

This will change alot of the same settings as above, and more:
1. Open Control Panel from the Start menu and choose System
2. Choose the Advanced tab.
3. Select the Settings button under the Performance section.
4. Check the Adjust for best performance box and click Apply to apply the settings.
5. Alternatively, you can choose the Custom, open, you can then selectively enable or disable each specific effects.

Start Menu and Taskbar

Context click (usually known as Right click) on the Windows XP Start button and choose Properties from the contextual menu.
1. Choose Classic Start Menu
2. Click the Customise button
3. Select the Show Small Icons in Start Menu option
4. Unselect any other items that you don’t use often.

Folder Options

1. Open My Computer
2. Open the C: Drive or any other drive
3. Choose Folder Options from the Tools menu
4. Select Use Windows classic folders
5. Select the View tab.
6. Unselect the "Automatically search for network folders and printers" option.
7. Click Apply
8. Click the Apply to All Folders button
9. Click OK.

Disable Messenger Service
Control Panel
Administrative Tools
and disable MESSENGER service

Disable as many start up items as possible
Type msconfig
Startup Tab
Uncheck all familiar items you know you do not need. If you are unsure, probably best to look it up (Google) to see what it is. Stuff like MS Office, OpenOffice quick starter, AIM, HP printing services, iTunes, Real, all should be unchecked.


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