Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many

October 27, 2006 at 1:51 pm | Posted in Review, Ubuntu | 128 Comments

Take a look around the Ubuntu Forums lately and you’ll see many installation and various related threads just cropping up with problems. Not just noob problems, but people that are pretty knowledgable about linux, about how to fix things when they break, and they’re left clueless with Edgy. I am one of them. I’ve been a long time Ubuntu fan, and to some regards I still am but I surely don’t see them as Linux’s saving grace any longer. I can’t tell everyone’s story, but I can tell my own. And i hope the devs at Ubuntu are listening.

First off let me state, this release is supposed to be “edgy”, but i didn’t know by edgy they meant playing with a toy that’s been through a woodschipper, now laced with sharp edges for you to cut yourself on. Also let me state that doing a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade has worked for me many times before but it’s always assumed much can go wrong as to compared to a clean install. As Ubuntu’s base grows, as fanboys on digg, slashdot, and the blogosphere tout the apt-get dist-upgrade as a wonderful feature to trample having to do full installs of Windows, disc after disc, the devs should listen and make sure their crap is together before releasing a product.

The Download
I started my dist-upgrade approximately at 4:30pm on Wednesday, it estimated about 2 hours for install. I was a happy camper. I couldn’t wait for faster bootup and shutdown times, i couldn’t wait for new artwork, volume support on my keyboard FINALLY among other things.

6:30 came along, and it still said 2 hours left. 10:30 came along and it still said the same. 9AM the next day, same thing. 2:30pm the next day, yet still saying the same. The install didn’t complete until about 5:00pm the following day. Over 24 hours for a download and install of the packages need on my Kubuntu system. But the wait was finally over. My Kubuntu Edgy system was restarting.

Apparently with the new Xorg, nvidia and ATI cards are useless on an upgrade. I have all the proper drivers installed. My xorg.conf is configured correctly, but my computer now won’t start X. I tried and tried again, posted on the forums to no avail. There doesn’t seem to be an answer about why my nvidia card no longer will allow X to start.

With proper drivers, xorg configured correctly, even reconfiguring the xorg-server, nothing is elliviating this problem. Taking a look around the forums and there’s a ton of threads like mine or similar to mine where cards simply don’t work on an dist-upgrade of Edgy with the new xorg.

I have given up on this for now and reverted back to my i810 onboard video card.

Upgrading to Old Software?
A minor annoyance for sure, but days before the Edgy upgrade I decided to go with Gaim 2.0 beta 4. Upon the Edgy upgrade, Ubuntu recognized this as older software that needed to be replaced by Gaim 2.0 beta 3. Can Ubuntu not see what version numbers software is before removing it?

Even after going through the beta 4 install AGAIN, ubuntu still wants to replace it with beta 3 upon a sudo apt-get upgrade. So basically until they decide to put beta 4 in the repo’s I have to go without updates.

Look and Feel of GTK apps in Kubuntu Edgy
In dapper, GTK apps of course always looked a little out of place in KDE as usual. This is no new thing to anyone, and I wish I had before and after screenshots to show you what I’m talking about here. But in dapper, I was able to make it consistent looking enough that it suited me just fine. In Edgy? No matter what theme I use for GTK, it looks like crap in Firefox and GAIM.

Firefox’s menu’s were a pale white, just like the rest of my KDE theme, but when running a mouse through them they would turn to a puke brown leaving a discoloured menu. This was with the right click menu’s, as well as File, Edit, View, etc.. I personally like the Firefox 2.0 theme and don’t want to switch themes in order to make it look decent. But I decided to play anyways. Theme after theme I downloaded (when i could find themes that were 2.0 compatible) and theme after theme I ran into the same problem. I tried every option in Appearance for GTK look, and nothing.

The only thing that fixed this was a clean install of Mozilla’s build of Firefox 2.0. Again, unacceptable.

Boot and Shutdown Screens
Well after my switch to the i810 onboard video I can no longer see boot up screens or shutdown screens. I just get a lot of blackness. One of the petty, but main reasons I upgraded was for a bit nicer eye candy and a lot of good artistic work went into those screens. Personally I like my box to look a bit shiny while still being functional, the GTK apps aside, now I have no startup or bootup screens. Again, the forum was unable to help.

GUI File Manager Disaster
Now here’s the real kicker. I do have Nautilus installed, and Thunar, and Konqueror. All 3 file managers, while running as a regular user, or gksudo.. can only see my home directory. If i attempt to go above that directory, or even type “/” in Konq’s address bar, i get a folder i’ve never seen before containing my Home directory and a media directory for removable media. But nothing else. In no way shape or form do I have a GUI way to reach /etc, /var, /usr, etc..

Going through a terminal, I can view all directories just fine. But that’s not the point of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is made to be easier than most distrobution. This isn’t Gentoo. I shouldn’t have to use the command line every single time I need to access a folder for administrative purposes. Theming GAIM on my own now, is a giant pain in the ass for instance. Surely this is something I can work around, but it’s highly annoying and also just confusing as to how this could even happen.

How does it effect all file managers? As root? As a regular user?

Multimedia Woes

Wow, and where to begin here. Mp3 support that I once had is now gone. As is mpg, avi, wmv, mov, you name it. Kdemultimedia will no longer preview video files in Konq any longer. They won’t play in totem, kaffine, mplayer, not even good ol’ trusty vlc. Thank god automatix2 to help out but even that didn’t solve all my problems. Automatix has made it so VLC can now play avi’s. I can now listen to my mp3s in beep media player. But not amarok. WMVs are completely unplayable in all media players now, and it even crashes VLC. Kaffeine and totem have been rendered completely useless. And DVDs will no longer play. And get this, not even OGGs play.


My conclusion, unless you’re doing a clean install, don’t bother with Edgy. It’s Ubuntu’s single most worthless product. They have a great community, great philosophy, a great operating system, but Edgy fails. At least in Dapper or below, Windows or OS X (and other *nix distro’s) I can fix most of what goes wrong during an install. This, is just mind blowing. 23 hours to download an upgrade that’s more littered with problems than anything I’ve ever seen out of Canonical. I don’t know what the devs were thinking in this regard, but when you have community response about their upgrade going this bad, you might want to hold off on releasing a product that soon and ensure a wee bit more stability and, i dunno, maybe bandwidth to cover the download process you know thousands of people will participate in.

I’ll stick with Ubuntu because I believe in the community and the company behind it, but right now.. I wish a BSOD and spyware was what I was facing. Honestly, Dapper’s first beta was more stable than this. I truly feel like Ubuntu took a step backwards today

To Be Continued?

Now i’m off to backup my Kmail, Firefox bookmarks, home folder, my customized gaim theme, sources file, among many other things and to start anew now that my system is completely ruined. And i’m going to start with a fresh install of Edgy and see how it goes. It’s downloading now. Maybe this is just related to the fact i dist-upgraded, that’s what the community keeps telling me. God I hope a clean install doesn’t suffer the same fate, otherwise, innocent babies will die.

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  1. OK, you are right the upgrade is a possible disaster. I upgraded in 6.10beta1 a no X was there, after some laboring a I found out no drivers, I have a x300 ati on an Acer ntb, I think the problem is related to the new names a small differences of Xorg7.1 after 15min I got X running I was surprises and possibly also the apt becuase there are no more xorg-drivers now they are called xserver-xorg-video drivers. Ok, he is a linux guru, wrong just a simple beginner but what I learned from Linux there are logs…..
    Canonical states to install edgy as a fresh Os, upgrade could do go wrong. And there for it’s called edgy. On the other side, how many can’t install the Vista RC2 on their machines a that is OK no such titles like Vista is a disaster. Comon I see a different measure for Win/Lin all the time. I think it is worth the try

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  3. This really hits home a major point. People talk about how “unstable” Microsoft OS’s are, but other than ME, when has an upgrade gone this bad? I’m sure this is one of the more extreme cases, but it’s pretty rare that you take a stable 2000 or 98 system and upgrade it to XP and run into something this bad.

    Ubuntu support can be nil, too. Many people point out how great their forums are, but I typically only get replies about 50% of the time. Apparently I’m not alone.

    I use Ubuntu on both a laptop and on a virtual machine. I like it a lot, so please don’t think I’m gratuitously ripping on them. I’m simply pointing out when people day “ditch MS; Ubuntu has better support and installs are a breeze” that there are reasons why that’s not always helpful.

  4. My father also told how he tried Kubuntu on *six* other computers, and that X just wouldn’t start.

    However, I had no problems with Xubuntu and probably there’ll be few with Edubuntu and Ubuntu too. Don’t blame Ubuntu.

  5. but it is kubuntu, as i have xubuntu, ubuntu, and kubuntu all installed on the same machine. the base OS is the same regardless as is Xorg and the drivers it uses. All 3 utilize the X windows system. the rest is just desktop environment.

    when i switch to gnome or xfce i get the same results.

  6. Same thing happened to me! I’ve just spent the worst 24 hours of my life. I finally managed to remove Ubuntu and restore Windows XP. I had a lot of fun learning Dapper and was really looking forward to Edgy because of all the hype. It was a piece of crap. I might reload Dapper, but frankly, everything works in Windows. I am so mad, but it is free. Buyer Beware!


  7. Hmmm…everyone has different experiences I suppose. I did a dist-upgrade of Ubuntu from dapper and it took only took about 5.5 hours on the day of the official release.

    Xorg did poop out on me initially, but withing 10 minutes I found a post on the Ubuntu forums that easily solved the problems. Everything else is running smooth.

  8. i’ve been running the beta for a month or so on several machines, and for me the experience has been smooth and easy. i was particulary impressed with how easy it was to get nvidia/beryl working, just a few packages and it was done. with beryl manager every single one of my gripes with xgl/compiz was taken care of. the only problem at all i’ve run into is that they took out the disks utility because it was no longer maintained. i think there are gonna be headaches for major upgrades, linux or windows. give a fresh install a try guys, it’s really worth it.

  9. Which upgrade method did you use?
    Using apt-get dist-upgrade -c is official.

    Changing your sources.list is hacky, unofficial, and just plain stupid.

    Don’t complain about something you got for free. If something needs fixed, help fix it, don’t just sit there and whine.

  10. have had a couple problems with the proprietary ati drivers… none of the others you described tho.

    many.. quantify that..

  11. I think an important point to note is that simply replacing “dapper” with “edgy” in your sources.list and doing a “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” IS NOT how you are supposed to upgrade.

    That process will not account for new types of software like “upstart” which replaces init.d. To account for this you SHOULD have followed the wiki and done this: gksu “update-manager -c”

    You may have known this if you had checked the wiki or an IRC channel. I suppose your problems are your own fault in this case.

    For those wondering, upgrading instructions canbe found at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes

  12. Ok…. I’ve been using Edgy Eft since Beta 2. Installed 6.06 from a CD and then upgraded straight to Edgy because the Edgy partitioner didn’t work yet. No issues, took about 45 min on 3mbps DSL. ATi Radeon 9600, X works fine. I even have Beryl/XGL going.

    The point of Edgy was that it was not going to be as stable. Jeez, it was put together in just _4_ months! If you’re going to use unstable software, at least test it first before putting it on a production system (read: BOOT IT IN A LIVECD FIRST!).

  13. I didn’t have to wait 24 hours for my Ubuntu update to download, but I sure wish I’d kept my Dapper install. nVidia broke, which I was expecting, Xorg broke, which I was not, and all my custom modules were broken (I use a Logitech diNovo Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, which was rendered useless after the update). The fstab entries created by the Edgy install are based on UUIDs, not /dev/hdx0 or /dev/sdx0 so manually editing them to your preference is confusing.

    Having effectively trashed my Dapper install, I torrented the Edgy install ISO and did a clean install, but it doesn’t get better from there. There’s a little more eye candy, and the zen-like default sound scheme has been replaced with EVEN MORE DRUMS. Even more irritatingly, useful apps that SHOULD DEFINITELY be included, like the System > Administration > Disks tool (disks-admin) have been completely removed from GNOME, and the buzz on the forums is that they’ve been deprecated – but there’s no replacement.

    I will note two positives. The font rendering engine appears to have been updated – subpixel hinting works much better than it did before. Oh, and Firefox 2.0 is included intact, complete with the Mozilla Firefox icon, no IceWeasel silliness. Oh, and it’s still not a Microsoft product, so that’s three positives, I guess.

    Overall, I’m very disappointed. It’s a little prettier, but it wasn’t worth breaking my battle-tested Dapper install for. My apt-get dist-upgraded Warty > Hoary > Dapper install.

  14. gee. thats strange. my upgrade went perfectly. I am currently posting from my Edgy running sThinkPad R51 (that is ripping “The Worlds Fastest Indian” at 26 frames per and surfin this drudge…
    I dunno… operator error comes to mind.


  15. y’all so stupid
    don’t you wish your girlfriend was a linux guru like me.

  16. Others have had problems with upgrade too:
    That person also told me that for both his ubuntu upgrades he lost X11.

  17. Sorry you all have had problems… I would just like to add that I have been fortunate to have experienced seamless apt-get dist-upgrades for the last three releases on over a dozen work and home laptops and desktops. The Edgy upgrade did take forever, but I expect everyone had the same idea as myself, and were eager to upgrade ASAP.

  18. Your gaim packages sound like they were not packaged correctly.

    How many custom non-standard repo packages had you installed prior to the upgrade?

    Sounds like you created most of your own problems there. And do look at the log files.

    Keep in mind it is free software. It cant be perfect all the time.

    Did you submit detailed bug reports so the devs can look into all the problems you had?

    Your slow upgrade was most likely slow mirrors.

  19. […] Parece que o upgrade do Ubuntu não é tão fácil quanto haviam noticiado: I’ve been a long time Ubuntu fan, and to some regards I still am but I surely don’t see them as Linux’s saving grace any longer. I can’t tell everyone’s story, but I can tell my own. And i hope the devs at Ubuntu are listening. […]

  20. after reading your blog i stopped the download midway!

  21. Use aptitude, not apt-get. The dependency calculations are far superior. I had problems updating also, lost samba all sorts of stuff got uninstalled, but after aptitude dist-upgrading and aptitude -f install a few times it all came good. And now that pain in the arse is over, it appears to be working fine. Possibly aptitude could remedy your situation still. I hope you have more success, aptitude works the same as apt-get just better its great.

  22. […] Seriously… Microsoft can’t do anything good without it somehow being bad in the eyes of the rabid Linux community. But, oh! Let’s totally forget that Ubuntu had a serious and common bug (Digg) during it’s upgrade process. Linux is far from being user friendly and this bug shows exactly that. Perhaps it’s easy to fix (for some), but it doesn’t matter. It wrecks your system. Apparently there was even an instance where Ubuntu erased your Home folder on upgrade. For those of you who don’t know, your Home folder in Linux is where you put EVERYTHING that you ever save to disk. Photos, music, documents. It’s like your “My Documents” folder. I can’t find any official articles on it, but I’ve seen several comments. Goes to show you how loud massive Linux bugs get announced. […]

  23. I just installed XP and it has worked fine for me. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. MUAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA.

  24. I had a completely opposite experience. While it took awhile to download (I assume the mirrors were getting pummeled) I have had 0 problems with my dapper to Edgy upgrade.

  25. I replaced dapper with edgy in my sources.list, and from my ISP’s mirror, I had it all downloaded in 25 minutes.
    The install took a little while since I kept going away and coming back to find it waiting for input, but it worked fine.
    I’m happy with the upgrade process. No problems at all.

  26. And about using gksu “update-manager -c”, the wiki doesn’t say anything about changing the sources for the upgrade.
    I wasn’t gonna spend a gig of my precious bandwith at slow speeds when I could use my ISP’s mirror for free at over a meg a second.

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  28. I installed Edgy beta from scratch, and finally got sleep/suspend to work (thinkpad T22). The day 6.10 came out, the “auto-update” rendered the thing unbootable, BUT a clean install (on another partition set aside for that purpose) works perfectly (and allowed “saving” data stuck on old install… Lesson? Do clean installs, and backup regularly.

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  30. geez, what a bunch of scrubs.

    go install xp and leave linux for the grownups.

  31. I use Kubuntu on an AMD64 processor. I did an apt-get dist-upgrade and it worked perfectly well for me. The long downloads are normal, I would say. apt-get had to download 1.5 GB from th Ubuntu repositories.

  32. Yeah, I updated while Edgy was still in development, and I must say that updating from Dapper is an adventure in and of itself.

    That said, if you’re having problems with anything, it’s going to be primarily caused by third party repositories. I had to remove everything from XGL and Compiz to really make the update work. Of course, I then turned around and installed the beta proprietary Nvidia drivers and installed Beryl, with which I’ve got some bugs for upstream, as it’s not out of the official repos, once again.

    One of these days, I’m going to be happy with the stuff in main for 30 seconds. Alas, that day isn’t going to happen soon.

  33. Well, I have Edgy installed on my Dell Inspiron 6000 and it looks fine. I had 6.06 before, upgraded to 6.10 and it seems to work just fine.. Yes, it took about 5-6 hours to get the files (normal download speed is at about 1.1-1.3 Mb/s for me, but this was going at about 10-15 Kb/s only), but video is fine, X runs as it should.. I don’t know much about Linux, but had no issues with the rest of stuff I use there..

  34. wow, you complain and you complain.
    I handed the install disc to my 50 something year old physics teacher, he installed it no problem. i upgraded my Dapper system to edgy while watching a movie and browsing the net on it.
    the problem is not edgy, its you.
    my Nvidia card worked fine.
    bootup, fine.
    everything worked fine.

    so, the problem is you.

    you probably tweaked your system before upgrade, meaning a clean install would have been best for you. before posting such negative crap, i suggest you learn how to do what it is you are trying to correctly.

    it is advised to always fresh-install. barring that, keep your /home partition seperate, so that fresh-install doesnt lose all your data.

  35. You’re wrong mate. I did an apt-get dist-upgrade and got the same crappy problems as you. So i decided to do a clean install and turns out that a clean install has the same problems too. No Usplash, Xorg knocked out cold.

  36. I had same problem breezy -> dapper.
    Now from dapper -> Edgy i made a clean install and everything´s fine.
    Ah, i have a little problem with beagle, the beagled-helper consumes all of my cpu time…
    I removed it until this bug are fixed!

  37. I replaced my Dapper with Edgy on both an AMD64 desktop and a ppc laptop. Neither one upgraded properly. However, both run very well after clean installs.

    You shouldn’t lose any data whether upgrading or reinstalling, because YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BACK YOUR DATA UP!!!!! How long have you been hearing that little bit of wisdom? Sheesh!

    Anyway, I find Edgy to be faster than Dapper was, I find OO.o and Thunderbird to be more stable in Edgy than they were in Dapper (Dapper had some memory leaks in X, it appears, and freezing problems in Open Office and Thunderbird). I’m sure it will take a while to find all the bugs that are there to find, but so far I like my Kubuntu 6.10 — a lot.

  38. […] Well, apparently on the Internet, people have having trouble upgrading. I had the exact same problem people have described and I’m going to describe steps to take to resolve them. […]

  39. […] Whatever, dude. It only took me 10 hours to solve the ATI driver and Beryl weirdness. If you ask nicely I’ll try to reconstruct my steps, but hopefully the repositories will catrch up fairly soon. Yeah, it could have been easier, but then again it wasn’t exactly a vanilla install and when update-manager -c -d barfed I kind of forced the issue. But it works now. For the record, my more vanilla installs on an Averatec laptop and a Dell bureautron upgraded just fine.       […]

  40. i dont know what you lot are smoking but the upgrade went perfectly. i am runny edgy edge, and i like it.

    i did, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, i dont get the ‘eye candy’ but thats because i turned it off in my grub’s /boot/grub/menu.lst.

    edgy is a very good, and very fast system, no problems yet, good luck, your gonna need it

  41. I started with Dapper as an RC and have installed a lot of software with Synaptic. I always look in Ubuntu repositories before trying anything else. I’ve have compiled a couple of driver level bits. I used the recommended one line upgrade to Edgy. I was very pleased how well it worked. I waited for the Edgy RC before before upgrading since i didn’t want to deal with a potentially unstable beta. A few bits were removed by the install and I was given the option to keep some of the Dapper configuration files. For the most part I accepted the new ones offered. I had to recompile my web cam driver which works again. Syncing my Palm PDA is a little flakey but I’ll work that out later. I’m happy with Edgy.

  42. Keep your /home on a separate partition next time so that you won’t have to worry about hosing your data and personal configurations.

    With that said, I too was burned by X’s random behavior with a clean install of Edgy. It didn’t like the tweaks I made to my xorg.conf, which worked perfectly fine under Dapper.

    Since Automatix isn’t available for Edgy PPC coupled with the fact it was a PITA to hunt down all of the codecs and extra apps, I’m back to Dapper for now.

  43. I cannot speak for the ones having all these troubles, but I upgraded dapper using the update-manager -c -p as instucted in MANY places, and the upgrade had ni issues at all … even my wifi was up and running after the upgrade …

    Its funny how people can decide to “hack” their way into an upgrade, and then cry when it has troubles … LAME actually.

  44. I do partially agree. Upgrading from version to version sometimes fails or messes up the system. But this is unfortunatelly true on a couple of distros out there.
    Also X and the proprietary drivers (for me especially ATI) is sometimes a pain in the a..
    My X kept working but a.t.m. I’m missing 3d acceleration.
    But besides that, ubuntu has given me the least trouble. Gentoo is much smoother in the process of updating the system, but it’s a lot of compiling and manually helping the system.

    I hope dist-upgrading will get easier. There is already a tool for changing and updating from one ubuntu version to another, but success rate is not that high either.

    greetings kamika

  45. “but it is kubuntu, as i have xubuntu, ubuntu, and kubuntu all installed on the same machine. the base OS is the same regardless as is Xorg and the drivers it uses. All 3 utilize the X windows system. the rest is just desktop environment.

    when i switch to gnome or xfce i get the same results. ”

    Sure, but what if you install Xubuntu, standalone? Perhaps install kubuntu-desktop afterwards. I had no problems.

  46. Fresh install of Edgy works fine for me.

  47. i did the upgrade as well, only to find that my top of the line (well, 16MB integrated radeon) graphics wouldnt work. tried editing xorg.conf to switch back to the base ati drivers, no luck though.
    eventually ended up having to do a clean install as well.
    not good.

  48. […] Today seems to be a really bad day for Ubuntu users. First, the Edgy upgrade fiasco (Yes, I went through it too) and now PLF is down (permanently ?). The official reason cited on the PLF website reads – The PLF Ubuntu project is shutting down, due to lack of time of its maintainers. New volunteers are welcome. […]

  49. Sorry to hear you’ve had troubles. I have upgraded my notebook from Dapper to Edgy, and my Desktop-System from 5.04 > 5.10 > 6.04 > 6.10. Never had any serious trouble with upgrades. And lots of things improved for me. (Follow the link on my name, to read a short account of it). I used the upgrade-manager which seems to have taken care of all the necessary things.

    Personally I perceive the title of your post to be misleading, because I do not have the impression that the fallout from the upgrade affects more people than for other upgrades or other software, especially if you count in the users that bear at least some of the responsibility for messing up their upgrade.

  50. As I am a crazy linux installer (I like to install distros each week) I use 3 partition /boot /home and / [stupid geek]

    This way you can easly install/reinstall crash your ubuntu et cetera… more over I put an ubuntu mini.iso in the /boot partition so that I can install something even if I can’t burn/find a CD.

  51. Just remember everyone, that Edgy is not meant as an very stable system. It is meant for people that want to have the latest, brand-new software. Stability comes at the second place.

    So if you want an system without any problems, “stable as a rock”, install Dapper Drake LTS.

    Edgy is a version of Ubuntu on which a new LTS will be based. So, don’t complain about bugs or problems, but just report them at Launchpad. And as I said, if you want something stable, install Dapper and don’t keep nagging about Edgy.

  52. I installed the server version of edgy.
    error at boot: i8042.c: Can’t read CTR while initializing i8042.

    cant type anything to login. not much help with acpi=off. the forums have not really responded:


  53. It seems you didn’t read the release notes in detail, especially the upgrade part 😉

    If you want stability, stick to 6.06 LTS. 6.10 is meant as another springboard for rock-solid development 2 releases from now.

  54. I have been using the cutting edge Ubuntu Edgy Eft, even since when it was in alpha development. I have to admit that for the start, everything is terrible, but with this latest official release, things look excellent and perfect.

    One thing, I am using Ubuntu, but you are using Kubuntu (KDE version), so that may explains why Kubuntu wasn’t up there with the rest of the distro.

    Next, during the beta development stage, there was some nice start up and shut down GUI screen, but I have to agree with you, everything was blackness.

    With regards to Nvidia driver, can’t help, because I am using i810 driver.

    In general, I still find Edgy Eft has a problem with memory issue, it’s memory hungry (sounds like it is becoming more like Vista).

    Nonetheless, I will still recommend Ubuntu for newbies (not Kubuntu). My systems still work great!

  55. well i had some prob with the fresh install of
    edgy . The network conn’ns are slow and every request from browser will stay up in “looking up google.com” for couple of seconds. The beryl installation failed . But i think it’s ok that i can learn , and that’s y installed linux , to learn and learn .
    I remember a post for Dapper ,whn it was released ,

  56. i’m definitely refraining from upgrading to edgy, i tried a clean edgy-beta install before and it rendered my computer useless. no way i’m going to knock out cold my perfectly fine working dapper install now

  57. I upgraded from dapper by doing

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    It tool a couple hours.. I didn’t sit there like a malaka and watch it, I went out to dinner with my wife.. It completed, I rebooted, X started, direct rendering is working, all the vid codecs are working, firefox 2 is working, flash 9 beta is working, nautilis, gnome power managment and just about everything else is can think of is working..

    Overall I am happy with edgy.. EVERY dist of linux, doing an update/upgrade to a new version is DANGEROUS.. it is not a flawless thing anywhere.. and for you windows users – would you upgrade windows 2000 to windows XP or would you do a clean install?

  58. Seriously. If the Ubuntu team says you should do a clean install, then don’t whine all over that the upgrade didn’t work perfectly. Do a clean install ffs.

    Besides, the reasons one don’t always get an answer on the Ubuntu forums is because there are fifty-fuckin-thousand other posts just like yours. Read those instead.

    This article is a joke. Its like whining to Sony that you chipped your playstation and now it doesn’t work. USELESS SONY BASTARDS!

    You have the choice of upgrading without a fresh install, but it is risky. You knew that, now don’t let everyone see how _generally_ stupid you are. I’m not talking about the fact that you don’t know much about Linux, but you are, really, generally stupid and shortminded.

    Thanks for your time.

  59. My X stopped working too. I should have made an image of my linux partition beforehand… I’m just going to try a clean edgy install.

  60. I did an upgraded and also found startx problem. But after run “sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg” and it’s worked. Frankly the upgraded process took me more than 10 hours 😦

  61. Where to start…

    Let me begin with this, I installed Edgy on a Dapper with the Ubuntu Edgy Alternate CD-ROM, and everything works great. I did have none of your annoying experience.

    So how to do a smooth upgrade of your distrib.

    1) DO NOT USE APT-GET OR UPDATE-MANAGER TO INSTALL DIRECTLY FROM INTERNET! Did you ever heard the word “bandwidth”? Go to the ftp download site and try to access it on the first hour after the release, you will know what I mean.

    What I did: go to any ftp you can access and download the TORRENT file. This is like a 5Ko file or less. Now you can double-click this .torrent file and download the iso file with a BitTorrent client. This is the right way to download an .ISO image file of a cd-rom on internet.

    2) DO NOT TRY THIS ON YOUR COMPUTER WITHOUT BEING SURE THAT EVERYTHING WORKS FINE. I mean try the upgrade on another computer or in a virtual machine or anything else that will not break your installation if it fails.

    What I did: I have two computers where Dapper is installed. I just try this on the other desktop computer before trying the upgrade on mine. This is what I do for each Ubuntu release. You probably never heard the word “sysadmin” aswell. Or never talked to one.

    3) Maybe you can backup everything on a disk image to be able to recover your old configuration if it fails during upgrade.
    Yes, that is the ultimate security you can think of. And I really should have done this, but didn’t.

    Conclusion : now you have all the keys to a smooth upgrade. Just have a look at all the steps again.

    1) backup your installation with a disk image so you can recover your Ubuntu to the last working state.

    2) download the cd-rom of the installation (alternate is better in this case) to upgrade from the cd-rom and not from the internet. This will speed up your upgrade from 24 hours to 45 mins.
    How to do this: just start your Dapper as always, and insert your Edgy cd-rom when the system is booted. Ubuntu will detect your cd-rom and propose you to upgrade. Or you can use this command aswell:
    gksu “sh /pathtocdrom/cdromupgrade”

    3) hopefully you can enjoy the new edgy release.

    Have a nice day

  62. One broken dependency could have cause that. Don’t blame others for your lack of knowledge

  63. This isn’t a problem with Ubuntu. Its a problem wit Kubuntu. KDE sucks for a reason. Gnome is what Ubuntu was built for. And if you had any sense, you’d have backed up your system, including your xorg.conf file. I did alll of this and had no need for it on my Gnome Ubuntu install of Edgy the day before, which was recommended by many sites to avoid the long download times because everyone was going to be downloading. Now before you start criticizing, make sure you did everything YOU were supposed to do before upgrading your system. I had expected Ubuntu to have a much worse installation process and was anticipating a restore for a few days.

  64. Thanks for linking to that poll! I personally don’t just trust your account (you missed a few things that I would have been able to figure, albeit I wouldn’t have been happy) — but seeing all of those responses where only about 25% of them had smooth sails will keep me from upgrading.

  65. I have been a long time RedHat user and just installed Edgy last night. So far so good, you might look into automatix to help you install the video codecs and Nvidia drivers. It seems to have worked well enough for me… Just have to get dual screens working now…. 🙂

  66. I also agree with what you say about Ubuntu forums.

    Three months ago I’ve lost the equivalent of 4 days trying to enable WPA on my laptop (and even went to the point to buy 3 pcmcia cards which were supposed to work)… It never worked and I didn’t have more time to loose.

    I don’t blame Canonical for that, their distro is free. But I was really surprised by all the people having problems with WPA and very very often no answers in the forums (in fact people reply to themselves). I then understood that wireless security is not important for canonical and that Microsoft in this regard is infinitely more secured (wpa works directly)…

    I went back to windows on my laptop because of wireless security that canonical have no interest in at a time where anybody can crack wep in less than 60 seconds (plenty of videos on the web for that).

    Finally I’m begining to like windows again : I have vim, python, wget, firefox, OOo, gimp, GCC, blender and putty to connect via ssh to my Ubuntu server box…

    Ubuntu on server : great for me 🙂
    Ubuntu in the wireless age : Microsoft is infinitely more secured … weird thing.

  67. Yeah. ANY upgrade on ANY operating system can and will go south, be it software, firmware, BIOS… you know, that’s the way it’s always been, and what you’ve experienced is nothing new, not that that makes you feel better about it.

    you must ALWAYS expect the worse… always, and if you’re not prepared to start over, don’t do it.

    The easiest solution for me was to use a completely different hard drive. Hell, they’re cheap enough now, no?
    A nice little 160g drive is way affordable and large enough to run most any system if it turns out that it works.

    My personal upgrade to Edgy went very well, until I tried installing Beryl on it. Hosed it entirely. Such is life.

    I now have Edgy on a clean install on a Core2 Duo / Asrock combo and it works so well I’ll probably use it as my main o/s. I just go into the BIOS to choose which drive (hence, which o/s) to boot to. Works fine.
    And a great way to try to migrate MS apps and data over while not tossing out XP altogether.

    Besides, admit it, you probably needed a bit of fall cleaning anyway, no? And in a week from now, it’ll all be a bad memory you think about occasionally as you blaze away on your fresh new system.

  68. You should just do a clean install with every new Ubuntu release. Things in Ubuntu under the hood change so much between the releases that simply dist-upgrading is not enough to get all the latest and greatest features tweaked the way they are set after clean install. This is actually a good thing, it just means that Ubuntu has yet again pushed Linux forward towards better user friendliness, better looks and better performance (with upstart for example).

    Upgrading from previous version of Ubuntu to the next version is more like upgrading Windows 2000 to XP than upgrading XP/SP1 to XP/SP2.

  69. Well, Edgy destroyed my Dapper install too. I thought the same – let’s do a clean install. I decided to download Alternate Install because I experienced a lot of trouble with qtparted on Dapper Live cd. After downloading I boot up the cd. It did’t matter which option I’ve chosen I got a blank screen telling me it’s launching syslog. Cool. I burned and verified 3 times the alternate install, but no luck. Ok, let’s go on with Edgy Live CD. I booted the cd and… whooops, it doesn’t support LVM (I’ve got like 250GB of data on LVM disks… well). So here goes dapper, volume groups regrouping and back to Edgy LCD. Ok, I start the installation. Whops, the qtparted doesn’t see my disk attached to mobo controller – it detects only disks in external pci ata controller. Well, about 2 hours of cable tweaking and finally I can format my system drive! Yuppie! Allright, a separate /boot partition in ext3, swap and root partition in xfs. I hit ‘continue’ and a summary screen appears. Sorry we’re going to format everything in ext3. Wow. I started installation again, and again and finally managed to format root as xfs! Success!! Great now system installed flawlessly (wow). I boot up edgy. Whops. Still no lvm support. Fortunately it was easy to set it up, so I regained my /home folder from dapper install. Whoa! What’s that! Egdy claims my ethernet card dissappeared! After 2 hours of messing around I found out Edgy made a mess in iftab configuration file. Cool, so now I have edgy working. Wait! What’s that! How come half of the system is english and half polish?? I’ve got my language packages installed properly? Well, this I can’t figoure out. But Edgy works. And it’s really fast and (for now) stabile. But I constantly have a feeling it’s an early beta though…

  70. Ok, my upgrade wasn’t that smooth at all, but still, I have had problems with dist-upgrade before, even with debian. Nothing I couldn’t figure out myself. Just by reading error messages and manually removing some packages. Ok, that is not how it is supposed to work, that is a disapointment. About shutdown screens hanging, I suggest disabling splash sreens at all. Ok, they are nice, but I do not feel comfortable if I don’t see what is going on, juist simple progress bar isn’t for me.
    About / folders. You might take a look at options like “show hidden files”. Also, there is file .hidden in /.
    I agree, taht more polish woulds not harm.

  71. Edgy is almost fully translated to polish. It’s some kind of bug that causes the translation not to be used in half of system messages and windows 😐

  72. don’t try to upgrade via internet during release week 😉 download ISO!

    I like Edgy version because it offers me better suport for my notebook and works faster (kernel+gnome).

  73. I lost x So i login into console sudo startx and it works upgraded to nvidia beta but still can’t start without sudo.

  74. The only problem i ran into with edgy was amarok wouldn’t play mp3s. I had to uninstall it then reinstall it w/o the codec pack for xine, and then let amarok install the package it’s self. Other then that, it went smooth.

    I did have a problem with my laptop when i updated it that x wouldn’t start, just reinstalled xserver-xorg and it was fine. *shrug* maybe im a lucky one.

  75. I installed Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) from the install cd and I haven’t had a single problem yet.

  76. I think I’ll hold on until these problems are resolved.

    By tell me, how can you blame the slow download time on the OS. Talk to your ISP, or wait until you know there’s gannor be room for you.

    It’s like leaving the office with everyone else, and complaining that it takes too long to drive home.


  77. The comment from David Overcash is nonesense. After ranting about how you shouldn’t change your sources.list file and do a “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” he points you to a wiki page that tells you to do just that.


  78. Note for the wise:

    If you want is new, new, new, go with something called Edgy.

    If you want stable, stable, stable, go with something labeled Long Term Service.

    I did have problems doing the upgrade. It was only once I was doing the upgrade that I realized how much was changed under the hood, from usplash and upstart to other things as well.

    All in all, though, I had a much harder time with Microsoft OS updates in the past, not to mention blue screening on fresh installs.

    Interestingly, I recently did put XP on a small partition on my laptop. Practically nothing worked. Even now, WPA still doesn’t work.

  79. First off let me state, this release is supposed to be “edgy”, but i didn’t know by edgy they meant playing with a toy that’s been through a woodschipper, now laced with sharp edges for you to cut yourself on.

    List of goals for Edgy Eft (launchpad.net)

    As for as I know, Edgy was supposed to be, well, edgy. While they did their best to make it possible, it just isn’t supposed to be a stable system. It’s basically Beta Software, they even replaced init, come on!

    I tried it once and had none of the problems you described but firefox crashed on me twice and now I’m staying with Dapper until Feisty, which will sure be great.

    (A good idea is to mount a partition as /home and write a little script that installs your applications and sets up /etc. This way you can always format / and make a clean install in no time, no huss no fuss)

  80. The one thing that seems to have broken for me is ALSA mixing of sounds from multiple sources. When running Rhythmbox, for instance, the Flash beta or ALSA games will not work. Thought it was gstreamer at first, but it seems to be ALSA mixing that’s broken. It worked before.

  81. Window XP, blah blah blah. Sure, go install an OS from 2001 but be sure to grab your bow and arrows before you head back to the dark ages…

    For the reset of the ‘buntu-ers… I dropped 6.06 after seeing it had no compilers or even Perl loaded. And it was hell getting any kind of compilers to load and work nicely. Apt didn’t handle dependencies well, from what I saw. But it did a great job ferreting out my hardware though, and I miss that…

    In the end I went back to Gentoo. Given y’all’s comments, I’m going to avoid Edgy until the next gen release perhaps.

  82. I, too, had no problems updgrading to Edgy today. My ancient Thinkpad A21 made it through the surgery with no problems. True, it took about 3 hours but I was really pleased with the result.

  83. …My clean install also went woefully wrong!

    After hearing all the Ubuntu hype over the last 12 months I thought I would try it.

    1. CD won’t start Live on my nVidia 6600 card…after much stuffing around got it to start up by going back to a very old ATI Rage card…hahaha

    2. Incomprehensible partition screen…yeh, wtf…mount point? swap? /dev/hda1 another 12 hours to work out that this means I should probably have 3 partitions available to do this install, one for /, one for swap, one for /home

    3. After 24 hours, finally get it installed, albeit still on old graphics card…now, lets see, there must be some instructions about using nVidia 6600…sure enough, look here..http://albertomilone.com/driver_edgy.html
    holy sh*t…only 8! (EIGHT)! screens of gobbledegook to get nvidia drivers

    4….which don’t work anyway!

    5. pffft…what a load of cobblers

    6. give me the old 45 minute XP install any day…put in your serial number, tell it where you are, and thats about it.

  84. Well, I’m an Ubuntu nube who migrated from Win2k just 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I did the upgrade to Edgy using – “gksu update-manager -c” as recommended and, apart from a very slow download (server overload?), the upgrade went perfectly (almost). The only problem I encountered was that the partitions in my “pmount.allow” file no longer worked but a quick visit to the forums sorted that out.

    Clearly the “Edgy” release is exactly that, and perhaps Canonical should have warned people more strongly that upgrading to Edgy involved risk. But, is it crap? No way! I’ve been with Windows since it came bundled as an interface to Word, but no way do I want to go back to Windows; Ubuntu is doing a better job for me at zero cost. I think that’s pretty cool.

  85. This is odd, I use an nVidia card too and had no trouble upgrading to Kubuntu 6.10 (took less than 3 hours including download on a slowish 600k link). After the upgrade, the new bootup screen would come up and kdm started as usual, but with the new edgy look.

    The only problem I’ve had is that my fonts looked a bit ugly after the upgrade, but 1. setting the fonts to a different size and back and 2. disabling and re-enabling sub-pixel hinting fixed that.

    I’ve had the same “discolored and brown pulldown menu entires” problem as you, but that’s fixable also. Do you use gtk2-engines-gtk-qt? That makes GTK apps look almost exactly the same as your Qt apps. Install that package and switch the GTK style (in System Settings -> Appearance -> GTK Styles and Fonts) to “Human”. Then switch it back to “Use my KDE style in GTK applications”. Problem solved for me.

    I won’t dare to call bullshit since I didn’t try any of this on your exact setup, but I’m sure your problems aren’t that exemplary. I’ve upgraded half a dozen desktops at work and none of them went particularly bad. If there was a problem, it was usually minor and caused by odd, stale or plain silly configurations in the user’s home dir. While this is a valid complaint, it’s still nothing major.

    And all the while, this is still a free operating system (free as in libre). You can’t get this freedom from Windows, so any comparison falls short. In Ubuntu, you can at least go and fix the problem, then give the fix back to the community. You can’t do that in Windows. You can go on thinking that someone else should be fixing those problems for you, but if you choose that route you just have to wait. Perhaps you could submit useful bug reports. You get a lot from this community and that’s how you give back to it. In the end everyone benefits, because your actions result in a better product for all.

    People who come from different philosophies and operating systems sometimes have other expectations and don’t realize that.

  86. This is the potential problem of Linux distros. Frequent and upgraded short software lifecycle simply means that products get old more fast, while users get bombarded with a fairly buggy and unstable version.

    My suggestions is that let Ubuntu 6.06 be continued and let it settle, till the next version is released.And its surprising that people are downloading and using the Edgy Eft, when Ubuntu is providing an LTS for version 6.06.

  87. Over the years I’ve learned never to upgrade the moment something new comes out. I’m happy to let other people be the guinea pigs. After two or three months almost all of the bugs have been ironed out, so that’s the time to take the plunge.

    Actually I can’t see myself upgrading from Dapper for the next few years, as it runs fine on the ancient PC I’m using for it. But then I only recently upgraded from Win 98 to XP (on my other machines) and I’ll stick with XP until M$ make sure I can’t use it any more. No Vista for me for the foreseeable future.


  88. when i upgraded from dapper to edgy (after waiting too many hours for the file-fetching and installation to complete) my x wouldn’t start, no ati drivers were found, so i just wrote

    sudo aptitude install xserver-xorg-video-ati

    and the sky opened up for my ubuntu… 🙂

  89. […] 3.) Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many […]

  90. […] Algunos usuarios de Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) que se embarcaron en la actualización -al modo tradicional- al flamante Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) están lamentando en este momento su decisión, al encontrarse con numerosos problemas… […]

  91. All these reports are just “single data point” stuff . “My computer did this after I loaded it up with a bunch of third-rate things from an off-shore repo using a script that I have no idea what ran”

    So here’s another data point: I down loaded 6.10 from a high-speed mirror on the first day it was released. It took about 35 minutes. I did a clean install that afternoon (after backing up my home directory), then restored my home directory. Everything went fine. Then I added all my multimedia goodies from official repos. Everything still worked fine.

    Go figure. . . update from a clean install, copy your home directory from backup, re-install multimedia, etc from quality, known repos. There might be a message in there for all the screw ups.


  92. Yeah I got that broken X crap too due to having an ati video card. What a pain… luckily I had an old knoppix cd stored conveniently under my beer glass, so I could still check the forums and get that xserver-xorg-video-* answer. But I came away pretty peeved at Ubuntu. AND, now emacs looks like crap… what up with that?!

  93. All this crap about updating from the clean istall. Did this and still get LOADS of problems – after booting I encounter kde crash quite frequently, not mentioning messing the screen after changing session. Come on!

    The good thing I can tell about Edgy is that it has a wonderfull multitasking in kernel and is really, really fast 🙂 I’ll stick to this version until it’s polished although such constant crashes may drive an xfs user really, really mad…

  94. […] Take a look around the Ubuntu Forums lately and you ’ll see many installation and various related threads just cropping up with problems. Not just noob problems, but people that are pretty knowledgeable about Linux, about how to fix things when they break, and they’re left clueless with Edgy. I am one of them.read more | digg story Links […]

  95. Wow. I just had the opposite experience. My upgrade went pretty smoothly, and nothing seems to have gotten broken. Which amazes me, because I am kind of a moron.

  96. You whining clown!. You evidently had a bad experience – you aren’t THE authority on Ubuntu OR Linux. Just backup /home to external/cd-r/dvd-r and do a clean install (duuh!).

    A kid could do that – it is analogous to upgrading from 98se to XP – SHIT!!!.

    Just make a fresh install u fool.

  97. Im currently using Dapper, and i’m afraid that this is not the first time dist-upgrade has messed things up.

    I have been using Ubuntu for nearly 2 years (since i built my “new” pc), and was one of the first to dist-upgrade to Dapper in June. Unfortunately, this rendered the system almost unusable, forcing me to reinstall.

    So, i would be extremely cautious about dist-upgrades… personally i’m gonna stick with Dapper for a while until i can be bothered to do a “clean” install.

    I really like Ubuntu, but the type of “upgrade” problems it STILL seems to have really need to be sorted if Canonical want a Windows-beater.

    Like many, many others, I like to run the most recent distro, but the hassle of wiping & starting again every 6 months, just because I don’t trust dist-upgrade, is a major headache.

    Sod it, I might just do a Triple-Boot (Dapper, Edgy & Vista), but then again using 3 OS’s on one PC seems really complicated… see the problem ?

  98. Used Dapper on two computers and take it to school. Burned Edgy today and even the LiveCD doesn’t work on any of the 3 computers that I use Dapper on. Not impressed. Will wait for the next release though. Not in an immediate hurry until Plasma is out for KDE anyway.

  99. Nice idea: backup your data before upgrading.

    That’s fine… I only have 70 Mb of video and music in my hard drive, I will copy them to 20 DVD… cool.

    If dist-upgrade does not work, what is it intended for?

    I think I’ll keep with dapper until all this mess is solved. The only problem is that edgy has been released too early.

  100. I was actually really scared of upgrading to edgy from all that I’ve heard, but I upgraded this morning without any problems at all.

  101. Possibly like some others here I found this page after googling for something like “Ubuntu Edgy Upgrade Problems” – because that is what I had. The sample of visitors to this page may thus be biased in favour of those who ran into difficulties.

    I think the problem with the upgrade is one of false expectations and lack of warnings: Ubuntu normally makes incremental upgrades very easy and reliable. I would happily advise a non technical user to click on the orange icon to perform these modifications regularly. It would be reasonable for many people to therefore conclude that an upgrade from Dapper to Eft would be equally routine. Whilst it might well be it seems like there is a significant chance of it rendering X inoperable, requiring a clean install, producing an upgrade CD with problems or generally creating a situation that will cause many hours of pain.

  102. […] For more informatio on the story, head over to Element14. […]

  103. I did a clean install from the 6.10 Kubuntu Live CD and it resized my NTFS partions and fit itself in nicely. Both OS’s are happy.

    I’ve used the unofficial walkthrough at http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy and it’s been very helpful.

    Netgear wg511v2 with ndiswrapper 1.8 works great.

    DVD::RIP did hiccup a little but Kaffeine worked out of the box.

    Sometimes if I had issues i’d just apt-get remove and apt-get install again and it would start working.

    I can’t say enough good things about the walk through at http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Edgy

  104. […] I haven’t upgraded to Edgy yet. I really want to but I am afraid to loose the stability, usefulness and the charm of Dapper that comes with Long Term Support. I was looking around to see what kind of trouble people facing while upgrading to Edgy from Dapper. To my surprise, there is a whole lot of users out there who had bad experiences while upgrading to Edgy. Looking at these complains on Ubuntu forums, Slashdot and blogosphere, I decided to compile a list of links that might offer some help to those who want to troubleshoot their Upgrade Disaster. […]

  105. Interesting topic… I’m working in this industry myself and I don’t agree about this in 100%, but I added your page to my bookmarks and hope to see more interesting articles in the future

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  106. With regards to the “GUI File manager disaster” go into “View” in the menu-bar and then check “View Hidden files”…

  107. I agree with you. it took me around 22 hrs to get that upgrade done.

    On top of that. It installed compiz ! which turned my desktop upside down and mirrored !! I am not in for all flashy effects… I dont want my Ubuntu desktop to compete with Vista. I want functionality. And my boot time on Dapper was faster.

    I really dont see any cutting edge in this release.

  108. have done several upgrades from 6.06 to 6.10 and everything worked just fine.
    Last update I did was due to not having a ready 6.10 alternate cdrom at the time my dell died due to /dev/self.
    After moving my disks to an old system I installed 6.06 on it and did an upgrade.
    Everything seems to work as intended.

    For as far as I am concerned Ubuntu still is the most userfriendly GNU/Linux distro around.

  109. I have been using 6.10 on my Core Duo and ATI video card laptop for about a month now. Needless to say, it has been an endless stream of disasters after disasters. Whenever I log off or shut down, I just cross my fingers and hope it doesn’t crash, but it does anyways about 40% of the time.

    Emacs doesn’t work, Amarok doesn’t work, Rhythmbox can’t read foreign character file names correctly, wireless disappears for no reason when I come back from hibernate.

    Should have gotten 6.06 instead.

  110. […] 3.) Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many […]

  111. I had the same problems. I was all pumped to get my server up and running.
    After it was all set up and running smoothly. (with me learning the ropes as i go.) I got this update problem with my nvidia card.

    With no onboard cards or cards that weren’t nvidia. i formatted and put my copies away. what a waste of a weekend.

  112. Personally I have found KDE to be less than reliable, combine this with it not being the default gui, and the distro name is Edgy I can understand that you would get some problems.

    Dist-upgrade is an amazing feature, and to be honest one of the reasons for me switching from the likes of SuSE and Fedora. However even without this, Ubuntu is faster(than SuSE) and more reliable(than Fedora). Try switching to one of those distros for a couple of days and Ubuntu will seem like paradise in comparison.

    Besides if your homes mounted on a seperate directory and you have a dump of the apps you use, a clean installs no biggy to have a smooth cutting edge desktop experience. Its not as bad as re-installing Windows by any measure.

    Also I am sure we are all doing our best to support the developers trying to improve the distro for us. Bug reports, and debugging information. Edgy Eft is not LTS if you want a clean dist upgrade maybe you should wait for the next LTS. You cant be cutting Edge and completely stable, otherwise the developers wouldnt get the chance to try new things, and its the new things that keep us wanting to upgrade. I am sure in your heart you know this already.

  113. […] Item 4 Upgrade Woes […]

  114. I did a clean install. I have to say: It’s a bit lumpy.

    I had problems with the live CD because I only have 256MB RAM. My graphics-card claims 64MB and thus I have 192MB RAM left.

    The website stated clearly I needed at least 196MB … A little bit awkward :/

    Anyway: When I did the alternative install (shellbased), there was no problem, what so ever. I only had to struggle with my Wireless support for the Broadcom 4306 wich isn’t supported by very well by ubuntu (apparently). But this could also be an issue with my HP notebook (nx6110), because they could have altered drivers for the notebook versions of the wireless-network-adapters.

  115. I have upgraded from Dapper to Edgy in 2 PCs: a notebook HP Compaq nx9010, and in a asus amd64.
    Absolutely NO problem at all. Not only that, some problems I had in Dapper were solved (I don’t remember exactly what of them). Edgy is not so bad!

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  118. I wish i got to read this blog before i attempted upgrading my dapper installation to edgy. now everything has gone haywire. and i upgraded just because i want to get the latest beryl installation which is no longer supported in dapper. what a price to pay, i will lose every bit of customization i have done and i might even lose my files. its ironic that windowsxp now saved me from further disaster(i dual boot ubuntu and xp) since i still have one os left for me to finish on my work. im downloading edgy now for a clean install. wish me luck.

  119. […] and angry faces ranting about how the new upgrade has royally screwed them with broken x servers (an example of an irate customer can be had here) and what have you. as for me i started the download but then stopped it midway. perhaps let the […]

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  123. […] read more | digg story […]

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  125. The apt-upgrade killed mine too.

  126. […] onto it. I’d like to try Ubuntu’s fancy new effects, even if just for fits and giggles. It doesn’t look like it’s an isolated problem though; and until these basic subsystem bugs get fixed, what’s […]

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    Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many | element14

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