Firefox Tweaks Revisted for 2.0

November 1, 2006 at 4:37 am | Posted in Firefox, Mozilla | 24 Comments

Please See:Speed Up Firefox 2.x



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  1. no it’s not a rip off.

    I covered half of this once before during the 1.5 days here:

    the rest was attributed to LifeHacker.

  2. this was very helpful, thanks for all the mods in one place.

  3. Hello,

    thanks, the go button is gone but how can I get a automatic load of a choosen url from the history without pressing enter?


  4. “To disable tab scrolling entirely, set the value to 0.”

    COMPLETELY FALSE!!! This is published everywhere and it is completely false. You CANNOT disable the scrolling. Once you hit 25 tabs it scrolls regardless! VERY FRUSTRATING!

  5. So, there are still two things “broken” with this new update that were fixed on 1.5:

    1. The tab scrolling (see my above rant)

    2. The new search engine manager kills all previous custom search engines

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  9. […] has a collection of very useful Firefox tweaks here. I the site when searching for the solution to an annoying firefox bug, when I would try to drag […]

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